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About Chinese Youth Participation Project

This project is no longer in operation. However there is still activities like weekly Lion Dancing classes that children are welcome to join.

Background 背景

The Chinese Youth Participation Project (CYPP) is established on 1st November 2000 and is a city wide project building on the best practice of the Sheffield Chinese Youth Information Project (SCYIP) which was set up in January 1997.

The ultimate aims of the Project is to help the Chinese youth to assess suitable services according to their needs, so that they could obtain better quality of live in the community. Since the establishment of the Project, it has been funded by various funders including the National Lottery Charities Board, Tudor Trust, Lloyds TSB Foundation, South Yorkshire Community Foundation, Local Network Fund, Sheffield Town Trust, J. G. Graves Charitable Trust, Small Grant and Aiming High from Sheffield City Council. However, currently this project is lack of funding to support its services, therefore most of the services are rely on volunteers and support from the Sheffield Chinese Community Centre in engaging young people in the Project development and delivery.
本計劃的宗旨是幫助華人青少年獲取他們所需的服務,從而能改善他們的生活質素。自成立以來,本計劃先後由多家基金贊助,包括國家獎券局,Tudor基金,Lloyds TSB基金,南約克郡社區基金,Local Network基金,雪埠城市基金,J.G.Graves慈善基金,雪埠市政廳的小額撥款和誌向高遠基金。然而,目前本計劃由於缺乏資金,許多服務的開展和傳遞主要依靠義工和雪埠華人社區中心的支持。

• Aims and Objectives 主旨與目標

  1. To encourage Chinese youth to work together by participating in sports activities, cultural and arts events, exhibitions and publishing Newsbulletins by themselves.
  2. To broaden Chinese young people's knowledge of cultural identity and its value by participating in cultural events and exhibitions.
  3. To enable Chinese young people to receive accreditation through involvement in Project activities or voluntary work.

Policy 政策

The Project adopts on euqal opportunity policy to deliver youth services to all young people aged between 11 and 25 irrespect of their races, gender, religion, languages, cultures and disabilities.

The Project safeguards the safety and welfare of all its members and children/young people during their participation in the Project activities by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm.

• Services Provided for Young People 提供青少年服務的範疇

  1. Skills Training and Accreditation: 技術訓練和認可資格
    We offer opportunities for young people to attain skills and accreditation through learning from project planning and development work and community and voluntary services. Skill training includes management, organisation, finance, information and communication technology, fund raising, research, presentation, etc.
  2. Activities / Events and Exhibitions 活動,綜合比賽和展覽
    We extend young people's knowledge on arts, Chinese culture and its value through creative and challenging activities / events/ exhibitions.
    透過創新和富挑戰性的活動、綜合比賽 、展覽來增廣青少年的藝術、中國文化和價值的知識。
  3. Advice, Support and Referrals 咨詢、支持和推介
    We are open to young people who seek for advice or support on youth services and make referrals to any youth organisations and relevant services providers.