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Coronavirus Community Resources

Key public safety information to help support communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please use and share these materials in your local communities. You may want to print them or share online.
请在您当地的社区中使用和共享这些材料。 您可能需要打印它们或在线共享。

Community Helpline Information 社区热线信息
• community-helpline-postcard-chinese.pdf

Got symptoms - Get tested 有症状-得到测试
• test-poster-chinese.pdf

Recognising Symptoms 识别症状
• recognising-symptoms-infographics-a4-chinese.pdf

Rules and restrictions 规则与限制
• national-lockdown-poster-a4.pdf

Shopping 购物
• face-covering-poster-a4-chinese.pdf

Self isolating 自隔离
• self-isolation-pack-english.pdf

Helping prevent Coronavirus 帮助预防冠状病毒
• prevent-infographics-a4-poster-chinese.pdf

Vaccination Guide 疫苗接种指南
• PHE_COVID-19_vaccination_guide_what_to_expect_after_your_vaccination_Chinese.pdf

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