About Kinhon Chinese Health Programme

Kinhon means ‘health’ in Chinese. The programme is commissioned by the Sheffield Primary Care Trusts. We provide free information and confidential advocacy to Chinese families in Sheffield for better access to NHS related services Kinhon.

Kinhon就是中文健康的意思. 附屬于雪埠華人社區中心的健康計劃是由雪埠市 “國民保健服務基層護理基金”資助. 我們為所有在本市的華人家庭在使用醫療服務方面提供免費資料, 保密支援及代言服務.就是中文健康的意思. 附屬于雪埠華人社區中心的健康計劃是由雪埠市 “國民保健服務基層護理基金”資助. 我們為所有在本市的華人家庭在使用醫療服務方面提供免費資料, 保密支援及代言服務。

Our Services Include:計劃能為您做些甚麼?

  1. Registration and booking of appointment for GP, Dentist, Optician, etc.
    註冊, 預約家庭醫生, 牙醫, 驗眼師等
  2. Confirmation, alteration and cancellation of hospital outpatient appointment, etc
    確認, 修改或取消醫院門診病人的預約
  3. Arrange interpreter for all primary and secondary care services
  4. To answer all enquiries on NHS prescription, and to advice on patients’ rights and benefits
  5. Assist users to express their feedback as well as helping to lodge complaint to related service providers
  6. Provide latest information to users on vital services like accident and emergency, NHS direct and NHS walk-in Centre, etc.
    提供主要服務的最新資訊, 如意外及急診的處理和國民保健熱線服務
  7. Provide variety of supports to mental health service users or carers, e.g. advice on benefits and statutory rights, advocacy, patient rights enquiry, arrangement for accommodation, leisure activities, confidence-building group as well as Chinese speaking mental health professional to provide counselling and clinical assessment
    提供多種支援給精神及心理健康的服務使用者或護理者 (如: 建議, 代言, 心理輔導等). 其他服務包括病人權利資詢, 特別緊急住所安排, 贊助康樂活動, 建立自信小組, 及安排精通華語的專業人士作臨床評估等.
Registered Charity Number 註冊慈善機構: 1045956