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Science »

China Mars Mission

Tianwen-1 天问1 consist of an Orbiter, Lander, and Rover. It is the world's first attempt to perform all three in a single mission. China has already successfully landed on the Moon in 2013. Then in 2019 they land on the far side making China the first country to acheive this. See Video

Politics »

Uyghur XinJiang Issue

Omer Kanat the chairman of the World Uyghur Congress confirms there is no facts behind the BBC's claim of 1 million Uyghurs in concentration camps in Xinjiang. Five Eyes nations (USA, UK, CAN, AUS, NZ) propagating Uyghur misinformation in their attempts to destablize China whilst providing no hard evidence. See Video

Coronavirus »

Coronavirus found in Spain March 2019

Coronavirus was found in Spain, France, and Italy as early as March 2019 by European scientist and virologists. This further strengthen the statement it came to Wuhan during the World Military Games in October 2019. This news is mostly hidden by main stream media to aid the USA in their Anti-China propaganda for the trade war. Read more

Xenophobia »

USA Sanctions and Xenophobia

United States causing immense harm during Coronavirus pandemic as they apply economic sanctions against Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and other countries. Donal Trump is also inflamming tension with China labelling COVID19 as the "Chinese Virus". This is like calling Swine Flu the American Virus. See Video

Business »

China firm invest £1 billion into Sheffield

Sichuan Guodong Construction Co is to invest more than £1 billion over the next 60 years in Sheffield. The projects involve a major hotel development, student accommodation, retail and leisure space. Wang Chunming (Sichuan Guodong's chairman) came to know Sheffield since his daughter is a university student here.

Global Leadership »

Health Silk Road

China showing global leadership to help the world battle Coronavirus. China sends teams of medical experts, medicine, medical supplies to help Italy and France. Also groups of Chinese doctors flown to Iraq and Iran. Donated test kits to Cambodia. Pledge to help Philipinnes, Spain and other affected countries.

Community News

  • Attacked Victim Mr Li

    A Chinese student was attacked and robbed by a violent Middle Eastern gang near the I.C.

    The Student attended NGH, and waited a day and a half for an operation and was unable to eat or drink during that time.

  • download funeral service PDF

    Sheffield Lion Dance teacher Jimmy Wan passed away on 4 July 2016. He was well known and respected in the community for his generousity. Funeral was held at Greonside Crematorium in which his students paid their respect with a final lion dance performance.

  • Sheffield MP Paul Blomfield

    Chinese students in Sheffield are worth £120m per year to the local economy, claims a study by the University of Sheffield.

    Sheffield MP Paul Blomfield said overseas students provided "tens of thousands of jobs".

Carl Ngo practising on a wooden dummy
Sheffield Lion Dance Team